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We offer you adventures with guaranteed safety and comfort, and a big smile! Our goal is to provide you with memorable experiences during your holiday in Indonesia.

Our professional local guides always make sure you get all the comfort and security during your journey. They have passed exams in Survival Skills, Rope Access and First Aid and speak English fluently! Their years of experience provided them with knowledge about surrounding environments. Not only can they inform you about their vegetation such as rice; bamboo or coffee plantation (and much more); they can also take you to meet locals along the way and experience their local traditions so you can have a genuine Javanese experience.

First of all, let me introduce our country which will be a part of your journey destination.
Indonesia is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia which has about 17,504 large and small islands and about 6000 uninhabited islands spread over the equator giving tropical weather. It is the largest archipelagic country in the world, extending 5,120 kilometres (3,181 mi) from east to west and 1,760 kilometres (1,094 mi) from north to south. The largest islands are Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, and New Guinea.


Indonesia has two seasons—a wet season and a dry season—with no extremes of summer or winter. For most of Indonesia, the dry season falls between April and October with the wet season between November and March.

Indonesia’s climate is almost entirely tropical, dominated by the tropical rainforest climate found in every large island of Indonesia. A prominent feature of this tropical climate is the high average temperatures per day in comparison to other country which are far from equator. So you will experience sunny all day here! 


There are many species of vegetation which are typical tropical plant. Some well-grown vegetation are rice, sugar cane, coffee, banana, cocoa, palawija, and coconut. In addition, there is also a widespread of tropical rain forests in this area, mangrove forests and grassland ecosystems in some areas. With all those nature resources we can guarantee that you will get wonderful experience here.


In Java you can visit many natural places like the Bromo Volcano (Malang), Tumpak Sewu Waterfall (Malang), Ijen Crater (Banyuwangi) or the Baluran National Park (Situbondo-Banyuwangi).

Bromo is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif, in East Java, Indonesia. The massif area is one of the most visited spots in East Java, Indonesia. The volcano belongs to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

The name of Bromo derived from Javanese pronunciation of Brahma, the Hindu creator god. The typical way to visit Mount Bromo is from the nearby mountain village of Cemoro Lawang. You must take a jeep to go there, which includes a stop at the viewpoint on Mount Penanjakan. The viewpoint on Mount Penanjakan is very beautiful. You can see the highest Mount at Java, which is called the top of Java ‘Mount Semeru’. If you feel hot after tanning at Bromo, you can visit Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. There, you will be served with amazing view of waterfall which has Semeru Mountain as the scenery background. You will feel really relaxed out there.

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